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Feb 14

AV CaptureAll

Are You in Love with Your Constituents?

Posted by AV CaptureAll

It is Valentine’s Day and it is all about relationships.  Governments, both local and national have a relationship with their constituents and like in all relationships, there needs to be open and honest communication for the relationship to work and grow. AV Capture All can help make yours a love relationship with constituents by offering solutions that will make it easier to be more open and transparent.

Developing stronger relationships with your constituents is critical to effective and productive results. Your constituents are at the center of this relationship and to be effective, you must focus on them.

Building relationships with constituents takes time
and effort, and more importantly, respect.

The process of a local government building relationships with constituents takes time and effort, and more importantly, respect. This is achieved by communicating clearly and easily.

The key is to respect and understand the needs and motivations of your constituents by communicating your programs and activities. The City Clerk facilitates and coordinates the effort but every single member and staff person plays a role in this relationship. The City Clerk needs to be intentional and well planned as they create a meeting agenda. It might sound like dating advice but it works the same with constituents so make a great first impression.

All of the interactions a local government has with its constituents provide information that can be useful to future meetings.

The tools and solutions that AV Capture All offers make it easy to stay in touch with constituents and be open and transparent. Constituents need the status of agenda items and AV Capture All allows local governments to keep everyone in the loop about the status of agenda items.

By being open and transparent through effective communication with constituents’ local governments are serving them and strengthening the relationship.

At AV Capture All, we want to make the relationship with constituents as straightforward as possible. We offer an easy-to-use solution for recording meetings, publishing recordings with associated documents, and live streaming meetings. Contact us today for a demo of our solutions or to discuss how we can meet your meeting management needs.

Happy Valentine’s Day!