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Feb 10

AV CaptureAll

Civic Tech Leads to Open Government

Posted by AV CaptureAll

Governments may be slow to adopt technology, large government agencies and departments have many unique needs which makes it hard to find the right solution, but that seems to be changing. Increasingly governments, particularly city governments, are answering the call for digital transformation. In local government, finding the right technology solution is driven by the Open Public Meeting Act (OPMA) requirement, which is “[a]ll meetings of the governing body of a public agency shall be open and public and all persons shall be permitted to attend…” RCW 42.30.030.

To be really “open” though means embracing technology and how that affects citizens. Time and accessibility are real impediments to citizen engagement and it’s up to the local government to ensure that “all persons” have an opportunity to attend.

Technology has the potential to massively change the way citizens interact with local government and each other, serving to strengthen communities and governance. People, organizations, and government have begun to leverage technology to inform and encourage civic engagement, from simplifying voter registration to hosting virtual government town halls to launching crowdfunding campaigns supporting civic assets and for meeting agenda management. This growing cluster of activity has become known as "civic tech."

Civic Tech Leads to Open Government

Through innovation, civic tech is gradually coming into its own. Civic tech enhances the relationship between the people and government by using technology for a communications tool, as well as for decision-making, service delivery, and the political process itself.

When local governments start leveraging the power of technology, like AV Capture All Meeting Management software, it can change the way citizens interact with governments and how governments interact with the public. This connection not only informs the public, but it encourages civic engagement.

Cities are now implementing technology to improve the lives of citizens and help them get involved in their local communities, and equally important, to make the staff’s jobs a little easier. The public evaluates the performance of its elected officials to a great extent by what happens at meetings. Many citizens form their total opinions of the city government based on attending or watching just one council meeting. This is the time to impress citizens favorably, and show them that the council is capable of doing its job.

Local governments with an inability to assess and communicate with citizens often have limited impact and engagement.  At AV Capture All our solutions improve efficiency by streamlining the meeting workflow, while promoting transparency and accountability by empowering constituents to access valuable information about their community.  With AV Capture All, government agencies can easily capture, manage and share their meetings online.

We design user-friendly software for recording and meeting management with government staff in mind. Our customers love the simplicity and effectiveness of AV Capture All solutions.

The benefits of civic engagement are a stronger connection between citizens and government. It also helps citizens connect to each other which empowers fundamental change. It can also help governments get a better understanding of what their citizens want and need. In addition to the direct benefit that strong civic participation provides to the community, there is evidence that it also produces secondary health benefits for participants as the relationship between civic participation, health and well-being strengthen. By making it easier for citizens to connect with their local government, civic participation improves health by building social capital and social trust.

The benefits of civic engagement are a
stronger connection between
citizens and government.

The AV Capture Legislative Solution makes this engagement seamless for all parties. We make it easy to record audio and video while integrating agendas, minutes, and related documents.  The document content is synchronized with the audio/video stream, then indexed and immediately searchable when published online.

Once published, staff and citizens can view any part of the audio/video-on-demand, while following along with the synchronized Agenda, Minutes and Related Documents.  Live Streaming is also integrated into the platform to allow staff and citizens who cannot attend the meeting in-person to view online from home.

Civic participation encompasses a wide range of formal and informal activities.  By making it easier for citizens to connect with their local government, citizens feel closer to the solution. AV Capture All is here to make it make that happen.

At AV Capture All, we want to make civic engagement from local meetings as straightforward as possible. We offer an easy-to-use solution for recording meetings, publishing recordings with associated documents, and live streaming meetings. Contact us today for a demo of our solutions or to discuss how we can meet your meeting management needs.