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Mar 02

AV CaptureAll

Technological Innovations for Clerk and Council

Posted by AV CaptureAll

Technological Innovations for Clerk and Council

Make your Open Data Useful

Governments produce a lot of data, but it’s not always easy to access or disseminate. When data is shared effectively it can get people involved with their government, making it less of an unknown entity and more of a community.

Here’s how technology can build relationship by sharing responsibility and informing the public on the work being done on their behalf.

Did you know there are free applications you can alter to serve your city? Cities around the world are building smart, clean software applications and application program interfaces to solve problems and provide data in easily navigate platforms, and they are sharing the code.

  • Open City shares source code and tutorials on how they repurpose government data into easily navigated applications or API (application program interface, think website user interface) for the public.
  • Palo Alto Open Budget takes open data and government transparency to a new level by sharing all the budget data with the public in a sleek new API.
  • The showcases hundreds of apps that utilized US data in helpful ways.

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