Meeting Management Solutions for Local Government

AV Capture All offers affordable meeting management solutions for local government.  Our solutions improve efficiency by streamlining the meeting workflow, while promoting transparency and accountability by empowering constituents to access valuable information pertaining to their community.  With AV Capture All, government agencies can easily Capture, Manage & Share their meetings online.

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Capture your meetings easily and efficiently.  Record the Audio or Audio/Video alongside your Agenda, Minutes & related documents.  Synchronize Agenda items to your recording during or after your meeting.  Store everything locally and in the cloud.

  • Record Video
  • Record Audio


Manage your meeting materials with ease.  Import your Agenda and supporting documents alongside your recording.  Synchronize Agenda items, Roll Calls, Motions & Votes.  Create Minutes instantly and publish your sessions online with a single click.  

  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Attach Documents & Agendas


Share your meetings with staff and constituents.  Publish your sessions as public or private, making them available online for Live or On-Demand viewing.  All meeting content is immediately searchable to quickly locate the desired record.

  • Safe, Reliable Hosting
  • Live Streaming
AV Capture Demo Video

AV Capture is the simple, complete & affordable multimedia solution to keep citizens engaged with their government


Create a session and start recording in seconds.  Import your Agenda & related documents, synchronize the content, and publish online with a single click.  Manage your recordings online with our Media Management library.

Document Integration

Easily integrate Agendas, Minutes and related documents for an efficient meeting management workflow.  There are no custom templates or proprietary formats.  Agendas can be edited during or after the recording, with Agenda items, Roll Calls, Motions & Votes all synchronized to the recording.  All content becomes instantly searchable when published.

On-Demand Viewing

Publish your meetings to be viewable on your website with a single click.  Although accessible on your site, all published content is stored in our secure cloud servers and uses our Content Distribution Network (CDN) to deliver streamed content on-demand.  Our CDN delivery ensures that your bandwidth is not used.  All meetings are searchable by date, department or key word/phrase.

Live Streaming

Live Stream or Webcast your meetings in real time.  Our Content Distribution Network (CDN) delivers the single content stream from your network to be distributed over the internet to many simultaneous viewers with the bandwidth necessary for large audiences.  Live Streaming your meetings enables citizens or staff who cannot attend in person to stay informed.

We have 10 different staff persons recording our meetings. Getting everyone on-board was a challenge. The support staff were patient with the different levels of "tech-savvy" employees, and approached each challenge quickly and professionally.

Molly Towslee, City Clerk, City of Gig Harbor, WA

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