Agenda Builder

AV Capture Legislative Solution

Create Agendas, Packets & Minutes with Ease

Building your Meeting Agenda doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.  Our Agenda Builder software builds Agendas, Packets & Minutes in no time.

An efficient meeting starts with a good Agenda.  Creating the Agenda, managing approvals of Items, creating the entire Packet, and even producing Minutes after the Meeting are all easily accomplished with our Agenda Builder software.  Customizable Agenda Templates allow you to create these documents in the format you’re accustomed to.

Customize your Template

The Agenda you use should be formatted how you like it.  Our customizable Templates allow exactly that.  Once formatted just the way you like, use the Template to create a new Agenda in seconds.  Edit Items for the current Meeting and click Publish.  Your Agenda is instantly online for the Public to view.

Track Item Approvals

Rather than email Agenda Items around to decision makers, just assign them as an Approver to any Item you choose.  They’ll be notified to login and view the Item(s).  Track comments, approvals, disapprovals and more.

Publish your Agenda Packet Online

Adding Related Documents to your Agenda Items creates a very useful Agenda Packet.  When ready, publish it online for public viewing with just a click.  Integration with the AV Capture recording software places your Packet at your fingertips while recording.  Timestamp Items to sync them with the recording and you have a complete record of the Meeting.

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