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Now Citizen Participation is an Internet Connection Away

Live Stream or Webcast your meetings in real time. Our Content Distribution Network (CDN) delivers the single media stream from your network to be distributed over the internet to many simultaneous viewers with the bandwidth necessary for large audiences. Live Streaming your meetings enables citizens or staff who cannot attend in person to stay informed.

Live webcasts enable the viewing of council meetings, board meetings, legislative and executive meetings, courtroom hearings, presentations and business meetings for those that find it more convenient to view online rather than attend in person.

No expensive servers or Sites Required

Webcasting services are built directly into the recording application software. We provide the infrastructure and bandwidth necessary for a large audience to watch video streaming. Your recording PC streams video feed to our cloud-based Content Distribution Network (CDN). The CDN scales the download demand dynamically, and is the most robust and efficient technology available today for streaming live video and audio.

Live Stream or Webcast your Meetings in Real Time

Live Streaming refers to meetings that are currently in session and being broadcast over the internet (see Webcasting) in “real time.” Our software solution offers live broadcasting as an affordable alternative to attending physical public speaking events, expanding the viewing audience to anyone with an internet connection.

Live Streaming your Meetings Enables Citizens or Staff who cannot attend in person to stay informed

If desired, the Audio/Video can be streamed Live over the Internet while recording the meeting. Agendas and Related Documents can also be accessed while viewing the Live Stream. Meetings can be viewed in any browser and on any device.

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