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A Different Earth Day

This year’s Earth Day feels different. Few times in our history has a health crisis affected every country at the same time.  On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, when everyone around the world comes together to show their support for environmental protections but this year everyone on earth is [...]


Constitutional rights during COVID19

Courtrooms all over the country are taking health precautions during the mandated quarantine as they try to continue to operate in this unprecedented national health crisis. Some courthouses are banning the public during legal proceedings, only allowing the lawyers and defendants inside. This is in stark contrast to First Amendment [...]


Local Governments Rebuild the Economy

Over the last several months there have been many confusing aspects of the staggering current national health crisis. Repairing the economy and stopping the spread of the virus play equal parts in how the crisis has developed. Local governments will play a leading role in the economic recovery facing the [...]


Governments trying to stay open to focus on basic services

As the health crisis continues to spread across the country, cities, counties, and states are trying to proceed as normal. Governments don’t go out of business. When disasters occur, it’s government agencies that have to respond. During the coronavirus crisis, health agencies, along with other emergency personnel, are once again [...]


Tips to stay motivated working from home

For most of us, working from home for a long period of time is disconcerting. We are creatures of habit and we like routines. We know when we have to leave the house in time to be able to stop at the local coffee house and get to work on [...]