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Back to School in the Time of COVID

This time of year, we see parents and kids planning for the new school year, doing back to school shopping, getting school supplies, and planning schedules. This year however there is a new element that parents and kids need to plan for because of COVID-19. Most school districts are planning [...]


Next Generation Wireless Service Is Coming

As we now enter the 6th month of quarantine and social distancing, our cell phones have been a lifeline to keep us working, in touch, informed, and provide a level of security.  For local governments, this has put a strain on their wireless bandwidth as more business is conducted via [...]


Local Government Spending

Every local government has to decide how to direct general expenditures.  Education and police top the list, followed by healthcare, transportation, and roads.  An issue that all state and local governments are currently facing is a substantial projected budget shortfall in revenue because of closures due to COVID19. State and [...]


Happy Independence Day

This Independence Day is unlike any other our country has celebrated in its 244 year history, but our joy and deep love of country are the same. Independence Day or July 4th—has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes [...]


Jury Trials Remain on Hold

In most states, Superior and Municipal Courts, and jury trials are planning to slowly begin again over the next couple of months.  In New Jersey, Superior and Municipal Courts resumed some in-person court services on June 22. A small number of judges and court staff will be working on-site each [...]

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