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Governments trying to stay open to focus on basic services

As the health crisis continues to spread across the country, cities, counties, and states are trying to proceed as normal. Governments don’t go out of business. When disasters occur, it’s government agencies that have to respond. During the coronavirus crisis, health agencies, along with other emergency personnel, are once again [...]


Tips to stay motivated working from home

For most of us, working from home for a long period of time is disconcerting. We are creatures of habit and we like routines. We know when we have to leave the house in time to be able to stop at the local coffee house and get to work on [...]


City Clerks Connect Citizens and Government

Have you ever thought about the history of the job you hold or its job description?  For City or Town Clerks, it’s a long history and even long job description. Since the beginning of time, there’s been someone whose job it is to keep track of the issues’ citizens [...]


Local Government During a Public Health Crisis

As more and more businesses take health precautions for their staff and customers by closing, some Government offices might not be able to do that.  In Washington State where most of the deaths have occurred, the city remains open. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says mandatory social distancing measures may [...]


Be Counted

As a country, we will be filling out the census in less than a month.  The results of this decennial census can mean millions in resources and representation in the courts and local government. Data from the decennial census is used to determine how half a trillion dollars in [...]


Don’t Cancel Your City Council Meetings

Businesses all over the country are taking steps to keep their employees safe from the deadly coronavirus outbreak by allowing them to work from home. In the area hardest hit in the country, King County in Washington state, government buildings are doing the same. The Department of Homeland Security has [...]